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east 100th st, spanish harlem

so, hey guys. I guess this is where I put news for teh suei, and dere is plenty of it lately. As our songlist grows n' grows (2 and a half, bitch!) we are beginning to think of the lame business side of things. I've never been very good at it, I dont want to sound like a fucking pompous hipster about it (y'know, 'its allll abotu the moozik mannnn yeah fuck the suits'), but it is hard for me to start thinking of what we are doing in skye's room as a product. I guess it works that way with everything though, so we are starting to think about the kind of image we are gonna have to be marketin...

when i see a promo picture of a band dressed in thrift store suits and slightly effeminate clothing, smoking and walking down some sub-14th street manhattan avenue, I just immediately get pissed off. Not really pissed off, more turned off i guess. You can only fake that image for so long, especially if you don't have the talent to back it up. Some bands have fucking stupid gimmicks, but some are pretty necessary. The white stripes for example kinda have both at once, the ultra-lame 'siblings or lovers?' controversy, the equally dumb red/white/black uniform... at the same time though jack white explains the minimalism of that band's setup as a couple coexisting trios. voice guitar and drums, melody rhythm and storytelling. that is a classical-type gimmick, and it's respectable. but like, british sea power wears those lame uniforms, the hives have the same thing goin on, hope of the states record(ed) in a russian bunker, the polyphonic spree's bloated and unnecessary number of members in white robes, jet being collectively atrocious, the darkness with the latex and glam poses... it all just seems unnecessary. although at the same time, that i can even name these bands says something about their gimmick having something to do with their getting noticed and signed, so maybe it's a necessary evil. hrm.

Sometime in the 1800's, the u.s. patent office briefly considering closing down completely, assuming that all the technological accomplishments up to that point were as far as humans could take science and discovery. it might be the same way with music right now; to my eyes almost everything has been done before, and better, and even if it seems someone is innovating they are really just taking one beatles song and making a few albums of it. Hopefully i'm wrong and there are still new melodies to write and new chords to play... but i just dont know. If im in a songwriting phase i only listen to marvin gaye, the beach boys, and old 20's music, but hopefully you wont be able to tell when you hear the demo in the next month or two. (see how i slipped actual news into this bullshit rant?) we might not sound like anyone else or we might, i mean we are an infant band so its understandable if its the latter. but i've been writing songs for a while and hopefully i've gotten the other bands out there out of my system and can now focus on this one.

we are gonna move to chinatown, too, and dress all fruits style. no joku! the new song, besides tenement house and saville row, might be called camouflage, but might not. hows that for nuz.

spanish 'arlum


p.s. there are too many humans on earth, and there are things that exist to stop that number rising out of control. cruel things that shouldn't have to happen but do because we keep fucking everything up.
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