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same way as always

its four in the morning,
the bars are unloading,
i go to the window and put down the shade.
The Walkmen, Hang on Siobahn

its four in the morning,
the end of december,
im writing you now just to see if you're better.
new york is cold but i like where im livin,
there's music on clinton street all through the evenin.
Leonard Cohen, Famous Blue Raincoat

four in the morning in ktown probably aint much compare to four in the morning in new york, but the birds are chirping so i cant complain. its been a while since an update on this band, who have had a name change that hasnt been officially mentioned, we're now, how do you say, Service Royal? I believe that is how you americans say it. we may be going on livejournal/internet lockdown until we start recording and everything is lined up design wise et cetera. this is a 4am idea so dont throw much behind it buttt mayhaps.

people like lyrics i've just decided.

we have, lets see, some songs. Camouflage, Savile Row, Factory Life, Tenement House. and, let's see, a couple more in the works. Kowloon, and, let's see, Solid Resolve. or something.


expect updates, but maybe not for a while.

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