ro (thebrazilian) wrote in thesway,

see me age nineteen with some dumb haircut from 1960, moving to new york

i regret to inform the community that i am slowly becoming this man.

the sway have been on an extended vacation for the recharging of our respective skye, robin, and trevor batteries. in fact i haven't seen either of them since last practice and i miss em both a lot. but that'll all change very soon. tomorrow i finish everything i've started over the break, which includes these songs: (just fuckin bear with me)

the Intercontinental:

a kind of jazzy number, slower until the chorus at which point it explodes. to anyone that cares i'm writing these songs in a kind of assembly line fashion, a lot of different pieces that are combined into one song but not necessarily originally intended for that same song. you'll see. the chorus of this song is from an older one i was working on that was tentatively called In the Heat of the Night, which to me is a funny joke. the intercontinental sounds like you're taking a cruise ship you secretly wish would hit an iceberg just to spice things up a little bit.

the Factory Life:

if you read this you might have heard a bit about this song. it's the most rock of them all but at the same time the furthest from rock, it's structured like a mini opera in a way kind of like good vibrations. skye likes it a lot!

Stoney Lonesome!


that's all i guess. and there are like forty piano fragments that are unusable because we have no one to play piano. ohhhhh well what can ya do.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!
i'd suggest that everyone find a bootleg of the Royal Festival Hall performance of SMiLE by Brian Wilson and his band. it's, honestly, the best album i have EVER heard in my entire life. I know i say that about everything but smile really holds a special place in my heart. i swear on earth you wont regret it, ever. eggs and grits and lickety split, see me jump, i'm in the greatest shape of the open country. once upon the sandwich isles, the social structure steamed upon hawaii. rock rock roll, plymouth rock, roll over

Columnated Ruins Domino,
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