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hi friends~

after an extended break for school and other things, we are back in action an better than ever. the last couple practices we spent hard at work on a new guitar solo for Factory Life, which is becoming good vibrations-like in its complexity. i am truly excited to hear what you all may think of these songs and we may be recording very soon so keep an eye out!

also, our once best/for a little while worst song Saville row got a spur of the moment reglistening and it is amazing how much better it is. we've got rid of the double rhythm, added a nasty intro, and redone the verse chords to be more melodic and interesting. i hated this song so much for a while but now i'm excited to keep practicing - this is what's it's alll about. the regoodening of the song may mean more and more work on the whole thing, redoing of structure and melody and lyrics but it'll be worth it. skye's got his hands full on a lot of these songs and it's all my fault but it's worth it. the new solo on factory life is like watching a river explode and he's coming along swimmingly at it. pun!

also, we may be changing the name of the band. I have come to feel that the Sway is a bit too generic and doesn't do much to jump at you or catch your attention, so there are some other names in the running.

Port Authority is one of them. this is my pick, it would look good on show flyers sandwiched between arbitrarily named The bands.

The Roosevelts is another.

The Viceroy Brites is a fake joke one but if anyone likes it let us know.

that is all for now, practice and line6'in in effect.

rubs and chubs,
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