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my dearly beloved,

today the sway got another notch in the belt of seemingly endless practices, pretty much every day for the past week and a half or so. Every time we get together the old songs get tighter and the new songs get better, and it's really cool to see it happening right before my own two eyez. Today was such a nice day that the practice took itself outside and onto the grassy mini-gorge of skye's lawn, and we became the soundtrack to the lives of some underpaid house painters. Although one did fall rather grotesquely in the middle of the chorus to Tenement House. Hrm.

It is now nearly official that the sway have three songs completely finished. A fourth is in the works and some say it may be called the Factory Life, a slight nod to the 1960/70's film scores that much of our inspiration comes from. 6ths and 7ths, 8ths, and 3rds. Playing one chord while singing/playing the harmony of its harmonic 5th. That kind of thing. See Paradise Lost if you want to know what we sound like.

Speaking of knowing what we sound like, today the sway were blessed with a person for each song we have(3 people folks), though all only heard Tenement House. The wonders that are aimee and kellie stopped by and sat on a damp-esque lawnchair in the middle of some dying rosebushes to hear us play a wholehearted rendition. one of the two, which one i will never tell, was wearing a scarf whose production must have left at least three fullgrown sheep bitterly cold this past winter. Lets take a moment for the sheep.

(Moment for the Sheep and the Pandas)

Ahem. Unconfident though we were in the performance they seemed to enjoy it, and scurried off to yoga where undoubtedly our collective rank odor lingered long in their noses. Such great kids!!

kurtistitus also swung in. Literally, no less. Everyone give it up for kurt.



i saw you then, caught with them
standing all in rows
facing out towards the fog, wearing the same clothes
and every night, when you ride
echoing the road
nothing ever changes but hey, no one neeeeeds to know.

to everyone, the favorite son
he found you a home
you'd call him a masochist i'd call him a rogue
and i'm convinced ever since
he carved you like stone
nothing ever changes but nooone needs to know.

watching every tide
silver blue and white
seeing everything go
in the city i
missed you all the time
every tumble and roll
new yorku city o anata no kamo
mo genki ii desu ka to where else could i go
you could see it all!
when you wear camouflage!

This song is dedicated to ema iwata because she is in japan and it has fake japanese in it. And that is all for now.


p.s. the one who said "I didn't hear any strokes influence at all what are they talking about" is double the best.
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